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War at Sea: Boardgame Players Association PBEM Championship XV

To sign up for the tournament, please send an email to the Gamemaster (use this link or see the email address below). The tournament is scheduled to start on May 1, 2024, and signups are open until April 20, 2024.

To qualify, you must be a member of the Boardgame Players Association at the Associate level ($10) or higher. Membership is required only for the year that the tournament starts. Having become a member during the annual membership drive in December 2023 qualifies you for this tournament, as does becoming a member before signing up for the tournament in 2024.

BPA PBEM Championship XV

Administrative Personnel:

Gamemaster: Vince Meconi at

Assistant Gamemaster: Mark Booth at

Game Credits:

Historical Research & Design: John Edwards

Game Development: Don Greenwood

Vassal Module: Bill Thomson

Game Publisher: The Avalon Hill Game Co.

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